Gateway Programme

Gateway (funded by the Tertiary Education Commission) is designed to support students to transition into the workforce by offering them workplace learning while attending secondary school.

The Gateway Programme at St John’s College is a unique blend of in-class learning, workplace or on-job experience and optional industry-related unit standards.

In-class learning

This engaging class is designed for students to gain work-ready skills through 4 unit standards.

These standards provide students an opportunity to consider and explore their future career pathway; to grow their capacity for practical skills like creating a CV and how to apply for a job and interview with confidence; and how best to manage employment relationships and effective communication with people from different cultures.

The classroom learning also includes a 2-day First Aid and Health and Safety course facilitated by outside providers.

Additionally, students are encouraged to broaden their knowledge of the world of work through interaction with outside guests from a variety of industries, many of whom are Old Boys of the College.

Workplace or on-job experience

Work placements or on-job experience provide students an opportunity to try their hand at a job in an industry of interest. Students attend placement during Terms 2 and 3 for one day a week.

For a successful placement students must have a genuine interest in and be committed to gaining a real world of work experience. They need to be self-motivated and well-organised, have a positive attitude and be capable of maintaining their school subject requirements while they are away from school on work placement.

Work placement provides students an opportunity to gain transferable soft skills useful for any future occupation. Networking, potential employment or apprenticeship, or job referee opportunities are also possible. Students benefit most when they put in a good day’s mahi!

Industries students have chosen for their work placement have included:

Automotive                       Engineering                     Hospitality                       Building and Construction

Hairdressing                     Plumbing                           Electrical                           Farming and Agriculture

Transport                            Retail                                   Education                         Property Management

Industry-related unit standards

Industry-related unit standards are offered to further support students’ vocational pathway options. These unit standards are online, self-paced modules and complement and enhance the learning and practical experience students gain on work placement.

Students complete these industry-related unit standards during class time in Terms 2 and 3. These packages are fully funded and, should a students wish to opt in, the course must be fully completed before the end of Term 3.

Our most popular industry providers are:

MITO (Automotive)                        BCITO (Building)                              Primary ITO (Farming)

Gateway provides an opportunity to strengthen networks in our local community and build skills targeted to enhance employment opportunities for our young men. Should you wish to offer a work placement opportunity to a student or share your expertise with our students, we would welcome your enquiry.

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