BYOD and E-Learning

Learning Vision

Learning at St John’s College is engaging and personalised.  Young men at St John’s College develop competencies to enable them to become:

  • Confident,
  • Self-directed
  • Collaborative learners through the effective use of ICT
  • Ethical and responsible users of ICT

Minimum device specifications

Operating system - Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android
Screen size - At least 11 inches
Battery life - 5 hours (continuous use)
Wireless capable - 802.11 n/ac
Keyboard - external (Recommended)
Memory (RAM) - 4 GB
Internal storage - 64 GB

For tablets, we recommend an external keyboard that can connect to the tablet.

Recommended Device

Operating system - Windows 10 or MacOS
Touch screen capable - This allows students to use a stylus to write on their screens allowing them to annotate notes and diagrams easily.
Screen size - 11 inches to 15 inches
Battery life - 6 hours (continuous use).
Keyboard - External keyboard
Memory (RAM) - 4 GB
Internal storage - 128GB

Microsoft Office

St John’s College uses Microsoft Office 365, which is free for schools.  This enables all our students to download the Office suite of programs onto their device for FREE.  Students are able to download the software to a maximum of 5 devices

Instructions for downloading Office Apps to your laptop

The school has a Windows server and uses Microsoft 365. We therefore recommend Windows based devices or Apple laptops/tablets (MacOS).  We do not recommend Chromebooks, but if a student has a Chromebook, it must be one that can download and run the Android version of the Office Apps. Office Mobile Apps can be installed through the Google Play Store.  Chromebooks will run on our network, but if students cannot download the Office apps, they will only have access to the online apps which have less functionality.

All devices must have a protective carry case to minimize the risk of damage.

Digital Citizenship

Part of our learning vision at St John’s is that our young men become ethical and responsible users of ICT.  In line with this vision, each student and their parent/caregiver is required to complete and return the College’s digital citizenship agreement.