Pastoral Care

In Word and Deed

Every student has the right to experience their education in a safe and equitable setting; just as every teacher has the right to experience their profession in the same environment.  This culture, emphasised in our school, is developed through the Gospel values that underpin our Catholic and Marist traditions.

House Classes

Parents with concerns should contact the House Class teacher, who sees their son on a daily basis.  More serious concerns should be addressed to the House Dean.

House Dean

Deans are an integral part of the pastoral care system at St John’s College.  They ensure the pastoral network is efficient in recognising particular issues or students that may require extra support.

Action is fundamental to our beliefs; if we say it, we must follow with action ‘In Word and Deed’. Every school aims to develop and nurture a positive environment.  At St John’s College, our culture is centred on the life of Jesus Christ and the example he set for us all.  Our aim is to provide a high quality education for young men, grounded in Gospel values within our Catholic and Marist traditions.  Founded in 1941 by the Marist Fathers, we strive to teach these values, while immersing our young men in an experience of living in a Catholic community.​

We have a full school mass every term, a combined Colleges Mass and a Combined College Leaders Mass in Napier and Hastings churches.  We hold weekly lunchtime masses, liturgies and retreats, along with regular Benediction.  We have a strong Religious Education programme and our students are encouraged to participate in the life of their local parishes.